STILL Fuel Cell Technology

Latest fuel cell technology in the second generation

Full power - clean energy. The STILL fuel-cell technology generates the electric energy for driving, lifting and auxiliary functions right on board of the truck. The innovative STILL fuel-cell PowerPack makes the trucks easily fit for multi-shift operation, minimises work interruptions for recharging and conserves the environment.

  • One short stop at the hydrogen fuel station replaces the effort to change the battery
  • Minimised work breaks due to fast refuelling
  • The fuel-cell PowerPack supplies a constant rated voltage of 80V until the hydrogen is fully consumed
  • it produces zero emissions

The STILL fuel cell technology generates the electric energy for the electric drives for travelling, hydraulics and the auxiliary consumers directly on board of the truck.

Core piece of the system is the stack of fuel cells in which hydrogen reacts with the oxygen from the air to generate the electric energy. The energy is then stored and can be used for the drive systems.

The hydrogen needed for this reaction is stored with high pressure in gas tanks. The oxygen is simply taken from the air. The only "emission" of this process is pure water and no CO2 pollutes our atmosphere.

All components of this "mobile power plant" including the tanks holding the hydrogen needed for the reaction are placed in a very small space not bigger than a standard STILL 80V battery. As the fuel cell supplies electric energy the proven STILL drive systems can be used.

Advantages of the STILL fuel cell technology

The innovative STILL fuel cell power pack was devised to perfectly fit the operation in a fork lift truck and its everyday work. The fuel cell power pack in the prototype RX 60-45 can easily be replaced by the standard RX 60 battery in the usual comfortable manner of changing the battery sideways as is standard in all RX 60 models.

This is made possible by the similar dimensions and the similar performance and the identical nominal voltage of 80V the of the battery and the fuel cell power pack:

Fuel cell power packBattery 6PzS840
Length855 mm855 mm
Width1028 mm999 mm
Height784 mm784 mm
Weight1150 kg2178 kg
Performance (Max. 15s)30 kW
Performance (endurance)10 kW12 kW
Nominal voltage80 V80 V
Energy content25 kW50 kW

No battery change needed.
If the hydrogen on board is consumed, a short stop at the filling station is enough to refill the tank and to continue with the work. The effort of changing the battery and the expensive backup with a second charged battery is not needed.

Only short interruptions of the work.
Refilling the truck with hydrogen only takes 5 minutes. This is an enormous advantage of the fuel cell over the conventional battery which takes hours to recharge.

Easy multi-shift operation.
Refilling the hydrogen tanks on the truck is enough to ensure multi-shift operation. Therefore it is not necessary to keep a second or third battery per truck and the respective financial means can be saved.

Full performance
The STILL fuel cell power pack supplies 80V nominal as long as there is hydrogen in the tank - unlike the voltage of a battery which continuously declines right after start of operation.

Clean energy
Operation of a truck with hydrogen does not cause any emission of pollutants. Neither sooty particles nor nitrous gasses nor carbon dioxide which could harm our environment or our climate are emitted. The only emission from the reaction of hydrogen with oxygen is pure water in form of steam.

Components of a STILL Fuel Cell Power Pack

Aufbau der Brennstoffzellen-PowerPacks von STILL

STILL Products with Fuel Cell Technology

  • 13000 mm
  • 2500 kg

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